Milk Lines

new work.
digital print, which i then worked on top of.

these were included in the
Ceaseless exhibition
an international juried art show
on the issue of censorship

i was inspired by my own experience
as a mother, with child.

Milk Lines : Blue

Milk Line : White

more to come..


so.. summer is over?

Things went so fast from mid summer to now, almost a few weeks into a new semester. My mind has been going a million directions, and basically have only been active on twitter (i love it? and i don't know why?). Mainly for horrible quality camera phone images of quick moments.

I have some projects that I will be sharing here.. check out twitter for the in progress ones i've already started this semester. Productive!


Light Weaving no.2

Light Weaving no.2 by krista heinitz
Light Weaving no.2, a photo by krista heinitz on Flickr.
krista heinitz
light weaving no.2
digital, 2012

(for sale)

This is another from the Bella Fiore music festival images.


making images, making meaning

I am currently in the last week of my summer course Making Images, Making Meaning with Brian Frink and Diana Joseph. This is the first experimental session of it.
   [Text/Image // Form/Content]
I was able to participate in a small writing workshop, which is akin to a group critique with visual art, but a very different experience. It felt so good to read my rough poem to a small group! I have a feeling that the writing will continue long after the course is completed. It has changed how I think about words, and giving myself the challenge of combining text and image has proven to be quite interesting. 

(image from phone)

this is an image from today, while working on a drawing (ink, nu pastel) for this class.
the messier, the better~
i will be posting more images from this experience, soon.
a poster, perhaps a poem/prose piece as well

also, i joined twitter, which is quite a strange thing it seems..
i will be using it to post the photos from my phone, i think.
oh, the internet intigration.


pardon the break!

life is always full of something.
school ending, beginning, soon to end again.

I participated in Mankato's Arts by the River.
sat in the hot hot heat, talking to people about my artwork
demonstrated painting with coffee and different tea's
i also had a chance to share my new light weaving series

i have also been photographing piles of my work
watercolors, drawings, collages
all that has somehow escaped documentation.
soon to be posted.

for now, i shall leave you with an image of me demonstrating and discussing
the tea and coffee watercolor paintings.


Light Weaving

Light Weaving by <<krista>>
Light Weaving, a photo by <<krista>> on Flickr.
krista heinitz
light weaving no.1
digital, 2012

[for sale]

i'm working on a new series of work, based on my capturing of light..
these works seem to glow.. pulse.
this one comes from some images i captured during bella fiore music festival, at harmony park.

weaving the lines of light, color
i have large prints of these coming soon, the intricacy of it will be amazing~